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Sunday Tapas

12 - 3pm Sunday

Sunday Lunch has never been this long, languid or luscious! It's why thousands of people a year take the meandering drive to savour Longview's famous Sunday Tapas. These bountiful seasonal platters are created to share and enjoy overlooking the most stunning vineyard scenery in South Australia.

Winter Tapas Menu

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Longview's New Tasting Room

Coming Soon...

In 2017 Longview will unveil it's spectacular new tasting room and a menu of seasonal light fare, perennial edibles and wine -flight experiences. Watch this space or join the "Longview Crew" below to be kept in the loop.

In the meantime, check out our ongoing Sunday tapas menu right here:

 WInter Tapas Menu

Bookings Essential

08 8388 9694

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