Longview is a stunning, family-owned Adelaide Hills single vineyard located just outside the historic township of Macclesfield. Set on undulating slopes reminiscent of old world estates but with a clear Australian accent. Longview has quickly established itself as one of the most awarded vineyards in the region since its first vintage in 2001.

Brothers Mark and Peter Saturno oversee operations, along with a small but specialised team. They ensure the vineyard is fastidiously managed to produce the finest fruit for their premium estate grown wines. As well as providing a wine tourism experience that has placed Longview in the South Australian Tourism ‘Hall of Fame’.

With four-star accommodation, world-class events and picture perfect weddings. As well as a brand new Cellar Door and eatery. Longview is more than just an award winning wine producer: it’s a unique destination that competes on the international stage.

Mark Saturno

Peter Saturno

Peter and Mark Saturno have been around wine since their Nonna used to serve them a little sweet Lambrusco with dinner when they were kids. “It’s good for your digestion!”, she used to say.

But health benefits notwithstanding, this began a life-long obsession with wine and it helped that their father and uncle operated bottle shops and pubs, which exposed them to the joys (and pitfalls) that a life in wine can offer.

Both boys worked in the bottle shops from a young age, basically moving boxes and smashing bottles – literally! As they became “of age” they began selling and serving wine in the shops and from behind the bars – some of the busiest wine spots in South Australia. These places attracted; wine geeks, wine explorers, and Australian wine icons who set up free consumer tastings.

Which in turn attracted student winemakers to come and work in such a bustling professional environment.

Peter always showed a strong love for wine and by the time he left school, he went straight into a Wine Marketing degree. His uni job was working in the warehouse of an iconic wine distributor. He quickly moved up from logistics to sales rep and found his feet selling wine to the best wine accounts in SA and NT.

On a whim, Peter applied for the United States Green Card lottery – and won! Fortuitously, Mark was already living in New York and so the brothers lived together and worked in one of the biggest wine markets in the world. Peter landed a job as a Sales Manager for another high profile wine distributor and began working with wines from all over the world.

Mark’s trajectory was a little different…

Longview Vineyard Mark & Peter with our grapes

Always possessing a flair for the arts as well as hospitality. Mark moved to New York City to pursue a career in Theatre at the age of 23 after working as a bar manager.

Like most actors, he needed a survival job and he was excited to go to work in some of New York’s busiest places-from dive bars to fine dining restaurants. When acting work popped up, he had the best of both worlds and juggled the two for 11 years.

It was when Peter arrived that Mark re-discovered his love for the wine industry. As well as how much he enjoyed working with his family.

Eager for another challenge the brothers returned to Australia to take over Longview Vineyard with their father, mother and sister.

Situated right next door to their family home in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, when Longview came up for acquisition, they jumped in the deep end.

Focused on everything from viticulture and winemaking, to sales and marketing. Mark and Peter oversee everything there is to do with the brand. In the 12 years that the Saturno family have been at the helm, Longview’s exports have grown from only one market to over 20 across; Asia, Europe and North America. Not content to concentrate merely on wine, Longview has now been inducted into the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame and has become a true wine tourism destination for its; events, accommodation and innovative food offering.

There’s no sign of anything slowing down yet.