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Nebbiolo Rosato

2016 Nebbiolo Rosato

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Introducing a new direction for Longview’s Nebbiolo Rosato.

Formerly known as “Boat Shed” this Rosé has been one of the most unique and successful wines in its class over the last 3 years.

Salmon pink, savoury and super sexy, the Nebbiolo grape makes lip-smacking Rosé for grown-ups.

This beautiful bottle is printed with fine, filigreed artwork representing the Queen of the Ancient Roman Gods, Juno - goddess of Heaven, Matrimony and Women and was the daughter of the all-powerful Saturn, God of Harvest.

An image of Saturn appears on Longview’s Nebbiolo bottle and is the namesake of the Saturno family, owners of Longview Vineyard.

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Nebbiolo Rosato
2016 Nebbiolo Rosato
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